Crazy Good Food Menu

We have purposely kept our menu short and sweet, just like life, too many choices can be mind-boggling.  Although the menu is minimal we do have a lot to offer in the way of special menu items.  We get creative with what we have to work with and create our weekly special with love and passion for food.  Ask us what’s on the fresh sheet today for those items not shown on the menu.




JAM IT’S SUNDAY! –  STARTS JANUARY 21, 2018 This day is reserved for our local musicians and guests who want to enjoy what our community has to offer!  Join us EVERY OTHER Sunday 2pm-5pm to play or listen! Full dates available for this and other music events on our Facebook page: madparkbistro – get connected!

We are fully licensed and carry beer, wine and simple cocktails for your merry pleasure! Also speciality coffees such as americano, espresso, latte & cappuccino