The Good, the Bad and the Chosen

There is a huge bowl filled with a fresh veggie salad on the table next to a juicy loaded hamburger with a mound of french fries and it’s all for you!  Well actually you can only choose one.  Do you go for the good for you salad or the bad for you hamburger & fries?

     That depends on who you listen to!  Imagine the two little people who sit on your shoulders, you know who I’m talking about, your conscience twins, the ones who you consult when faced with a choice.  Which one will you listen to when faced with this choice?

We know that we SHOULD go for the salad because we know it’s GOOD for us, all that goodness, of course that is the right answer.  Right?  So why is it we choose the burger & fries instead?  One reason is because we think it will taste better, be more satisfying and before we know it the choice is made.

Here’s the funny part, in our head we know we should take the healthier meal, we think we can ‘slip’ just this once and we will choose the salad next time because we know it’s good for us.  What’s even funnier is we convince ourselves that we choose healthy over not healthy more often so ‘cheating’ this time doesn’t really count.  Really?  You know you are only one you are fooling right?  The muffin top around your middle says different and it’s time to get real with your choices if you want to live a long & healthy life!

What if that healthy salad was filled with fresh veggies that made your taste buds sing?  My latest discovery has me rethinking my choices and listening to my conscientious twin who says “go for the good stuff, you won’t be disappointed.”  I recently discovered Buddha bowls & Dragon Bowls, both filled with goodness and a variety of veggies that was a pleasure to eat and very filling.  We started making these at the bistro last month and they are starting to catch on!

Does this mean we are listening to the healthy voice?  I believe so! According to our latest reports our Dragon bowls are outselling the burgers & fries. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have the burger & fries ever, just not on a regular basis, like everything else, have it in moderation. A balance between good for you and not so good for you, just like those conscience twins sitting on your shoulders.

Final word, which ever one you choose be sure to enjoy it fully!


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